Evaluation of Zimbardo's Stanford prison experiment

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  • Evaluation of Zimbardo's Stanford prison experiment
    • investigator effects
      • Zimbardo acted as prison super intendant
        • could have influenced the outcome
    • demand characteristics
      • the guards may have changed their behaviour to influence the outcome
        • a guard they called 'John Wayne' reported behaviour of brutality in order for something to happen
      • role/performance was based on their stereotypes
    • ethical issues
      • caused stress for the participants especially the ones who were prisoners
        • some thought they couldn't actually leave
      • was not stopped in time
      • physical violence
      • attempted to force feed one of the prisoners who went on hunger strike
    • rule of dispositional influences
      • Zimbardo exaggerated the power of the situation
      • two thirds of the guards weren't brutal towards the  prisoners
        • some tried to be helpful
      • the differences in the guards behaviour shows that they could exercise their right and wrong choices
        • even if there were pressures to conform


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