Evaluation of WMM

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  • Evaluation of WMM
    • Supporting evidence - Baddeley et al. (1976) and Shallice and Warrington (1970).
    • Challenging evidence - criticisms of using case studies.
    • Other explanations - the episodic buffer addresses the use of LTM store. WMM is unable to explain why we could store only a limited number of word sequences in the phonological loop but could store far longer sentence sequences.
    • Usefulness - it helps our understanding of Alzheimer's disease and memory. Baddeley et al. (1991) conducted a series of dual task experiments on young, ederly and Alzheimer's patients using verbal and visual tasks together and separately. The performance of the Alzheimer's group did not differ significantly from the others when performing them separately.
    • Testable - WMM expands upon the MSM and has been influential in generating lots of experimental research, much of which involves lab research.


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