Evaluation of the LTM

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  • Evaluation of the long term memory
    • research evidence
      • brain scans, 3 distinct areas
      • episodic= hippocampus
      • semantic= temporal lobe
      • procedural= cerebellum, motor cortex
      • supports the explanation
    • case study of HM
      • Milner
      • procedural and declarative are distinctly different
      • couldn't perform episodic or semantic memories
        • due to damage in the hippocampus and temporal lobe
      • could act on procedural memories
      • based on a single individual, can't generaline
    • Case study of CL
      • vicaria et al
      • suffered brain damage after a tumour removal
      • couldn't create new episodic memories
      • could reate semantic memories
      • stores are seperate
    • lack of research into procedural memory and the brain areas involved
      • need case studies focused entirely on the damage to the procedural memory
        • extremely rare
      • not fully understand, it's hard to generalise the theory


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