Social interactionism evaluation

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      • too deterministic - blames society, gives criminal a 'victim' status - freedom of choice not considered
      • many people reject labels given to them - prisoner reform
      • doesn't address women
      • doesn't look at social factors - social interactionists aren't interested in causes of crime
      • too micro- all case studies/ smaller scale research, doesn't use stats or address broader patterns & trends
      • vast majority of crime is reported to police not detected by police
      • explains why WC people are more likely to be labelled as deviant
      • looks at all types of crime (MC & WC)
      • recidivism - rates of reoffending are exceptionally high (60% for 1st time offenders, 70% for multiple sentence offenders)
      • there is a lot of evidence that labelling occurs (education system etc.) bt also that crime & deviance are social constructions - different laws across time/place
      • many sociologists are also skeptical of official statistics


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