Evaluation of Piaget's cognitive development

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  • Evaluation of Paiget's cognitive development theory
    • children form individual mental representation by discovery
      • for own mental representation of the world
        • Howe 1992
          • children aged 9-12 discuss movement of objects. found increased levels of knowledge but had not come to the same conclusions
            • supports the idea of individual mental-representation
    • applications in education
      • importance of activity-orientated class rooms in which children actively engage in tasks that allow the to construct own understanding of curriculum
        • learning by discovery
    • underplayed importance of other people in learning
      • Piaget didn't believe in importace of others
        • other people are central to learning
    • Overplayed importance of equilibration
      • children vary greatly in their intellectual curiosity
        • studied children from middle class backgrounds who would always have more curiosity
    • underplayed importance of language


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