Evaluation of Bandura's study

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  • Evaluation of Badura's experiments
    • Sample is not representative of the wider population. All children were white, upper/middle class from the same university nursery - cultural bias. Findings can't be generalised to other people.
    • Bandura's lab experiment has a good degree of control and can be easily replicated. Moreover, the study did not rely on a sole observer and only agreed behaviours between observers were used, so good inter-rater reliability. Furthermore, Bandura's later research obtained similar findings showing the influence of modelled behaviour on aggression.
    • Useful as we can see how role models influence children, therefore can understand the importance of effective and positive role models, including in the media.
    • Internal validity - bobo doll is an object designed to be punched. Bandura reported some children actually passing comments before the study, such as 'ok mum there is the doll we have to hit'. Artificial setting and tasks that lacks mundane realism. Demand characteristics


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