Evaluations for Approaches 2016

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  • Evaluation for Approaches in psychology
    • Cognitive Approach
      • Supporting evidence from Jacobs who used scientifc methods for validity
      • Practical application: CBT
      • Reductionist
      • Lacks ecological validity
    • Behaviourism Approach
      • Practical Application: Tokens fro positive reinforcement in prisons
      • Supporting evidence: Little Albert
      • Reductionist
      • Extrapolation
    • Social Learning Theory
      • Supporting evidence: Bobo doll study/ Control
      • Cognitive and environmental factors, more complex and makes more sense
      • Reductionist
      • Bobo: Lacks mundane realism as he uaderestiemated the child's ability to think for themselves and they can tell the difference between a doll and a human.
    • The Biological approach
      • Reductionist
      • Determinist: not a criminal gene so criminals can not take responsibility as biological. Affects the justice system
      • Practical application: Biochemcial drugs to treat depresson and OCD
      • Scientific methods and PET scans fro supporting evidence


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