Evaluation of Zimbardo & R+H

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  • Evaluation
    • Demand characteristics
      • Any influence put on by the experimenter that may make the respondant respond or behave in a certain way
      • Zimbardo
        • gave batons
        • guards given sunglasses
        • ppts wore uniform
        • paying ppts may have meant they behaved as reuqired
      • R+H
        • ppts wore uniform
        • ppts told they were selected
        • Broadcasted meaning ppts could act to be a 'star' + play up to the cameras
    • Ethical?
      • Zimbardo
        • Unethical
        • physical + mental harm
        • lied + deceived parents
        • no explanation of what they prisoners would face
      • R+H
        • Ethical
        • ethical researchers could stop study whenever
        • ppts could easily leave whenever
        • passed BPS ethics committee
        • but it was so ethical that it lost its validity as it became un-life like
    • Is conformity automatic?
      • Zimbardo
        • Gradual but yes
      • R+H
        • No


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