Evaluating a study

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  • Evaluating a study
    • Ethics
      • Is it morally correct?
    • Method
      • Does the aim match the method?
      • Ecological Validity (Can it be applied to real life)
      • The environment the study took place in
        • Labs
          • Labs are good because you can control extraneous variables and the study is standardised
          • Labs are bad because they do not reflect real life situations
    • Results
      • How did we get to them?
    • Sample
      • Variations in particiapnts
        • Gender
        • Age
        • Does the sample provide an accurate representation of the population?
    • Extraneous Variables
      • Variables that misdirect the resaercher (Lab experiments prevent this)
    • Reliabilty
      • Can we produce the same results again?
    • What type of study was it?
    • How biased was the study?


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