Geography -- Evaluating the methodology: justifying why we did it, explaining the technique and evaluating how good it was

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  • Evaluating the methodology -- justifying why we did it, explaining the technique and evaluating how good it was
    • economic cost/benefit analysis
      • Justification -- We did this to compare  how much is spent on coastal management with what it protects
      • Typically the government will aim for £1 cost for every £8 benefit
      • The technique
        • First we measured the length of each type fo coastal management in metres and the size fo beach nourishment and calculated their cost based off their typical cost per metre
        • When measuring the lengths we used maps and local measurement sizes + trundle wheel
        • For the benefit I walked around all the area it would protect and tallied building depending on their typical value
          • Eg/ £300,00 for a small house
      • Evaluation
        • May not have counted every building as some areas were not accesible
        • Need more categories
        • We could improve this with the actual value of the buildings
        • we did not count other values eg/ roads
        • Our value to the typical cost of defences per metre was just an estimate
    • Questionnaire
      • Justification -- We did this to see what locals and tourists felt about the defences, if they felt that they were effective or if they needed to work
      • Technique/method
        • We used opportunity sampling but also stratified it to get an even mix of people
        • We collected around 50 peoples responses
        • We asked 'closed questions' with fixed options
          • eg/ On a scale of 1 to 5 how much do you approve of the coastal management scheme in Minehead
      • Evaluation + improvements
        • We did get a large sample and a wide variety of people
        • There were not many young people around and it was mid-week
        • People were also unsure how to rate the defences on the number scale, so we might have varying results
        • We could have got a wider sample by asking more locals who live there-- through a door to door survey
    • Bi-polar evaluation
      • Justification- I did this to judge the "non-economic" impacts fo the coastal defences eg/how ugly they are
      • Method/approach
        • I gave a score from +3 to -3 for each type of management for each factor
          • Eg/ "attractiveness to ugliness" based on my opinion
      • Evaluation / improvements
        • It is a quick way to judge a range of important things about the defences
        • It is very subjective, based on my own opinion


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