Evaluating the composition of the legal profession

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    • WOMEN
      • More women than men graduating in law
        • Increase in the number of women entrants to both Barristers' and Solicitors' professions
        • 49% of Solicitors are Women
      • Very few women at the higher levels in legal professions
        • 15% of QC's are Women
      • Less likely to be partners at a firm.
        • 22% of women are firm partners
      • "Obstacles & Barriers to the Career Development of Women Solicitors" - REPORT published in THE LAW SOCIETY 2010
        • Lack of flexible working hours
        • Organistionalculture, which was perceived as being traditional, conservative and male-dominated
        • Long working hours with the 24/7 mindset
        • Measurement of success was strongly linkd to the number of hours billed to clients
        • Women were not prepared to challange the status quo or push themselves forward for promotion
      • Lead to women being "in-house" lawyers
      • Black & minority ethinic groups (BME) are well represented at the bar
      • 13% of practising Barristers were from an ethinic minority
      • 6.5% of QCs are black, Asian or from an ethnic minority
      • Ethnic minorities entrants have risen substantially
        • Number of BME with a Practiscing Certificate rose from 5,009 in 2000 to 18,457 in 2015 making up 15% of practiscing Solicitors


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