Geography -- Evaluating data presentation in Minehead

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  • Evaluating data presentation in Minehead
    • Questionnaire data
      • For the questionnaire data I produced several piece charts as these clearly showed the proportion of responses to each question
      • This was for questions such as "Do you approve of the defences- yes/no/don't know"
      • A limitation of this technique is that it is hard to read exact percentages for each response
        • You also can't tell the number of people who gave which response
        • You also can't tell the reasons behind a response
    • Cost/benefit data
      • To show the cost/benefit data I produced a subdivided bar chart
        • This showed all of the costs of different defences and the value of all the benefits it protects
          • Eg/ Houses, shops etc
        • This made it quick to see the most costly + valuable items and to compare the costs and benefits
        • Evaluation
          • We can't tell form this where they are located or how much space they take up to see if the defences are in the best location
          • To tackle the problems I produced a colour shaded chloropleth map for the value of each building to show their location
            • However, its' hard to work out the Toal value from this
    • Bi-polar assessment
      • This is to show the obi-polar assessment of the various defences
      • I produced a radar/web graph for the scores on each factor
        • Eg/ safety , beauty etc
      • The main problem with this is that it is hard to read
    • Data processign analysis
      • I calculated the costs of each coastal defence (eg/sea wall) and the value of the land protected (eg/ all the shops)
      • I calculated the total costs and benefits
      • I divided the costs by the benefits to find the cost/benefit ratio


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