Stregnths Weaknesses of Augustine's Theodicy

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  • Evaluating Augustine's Theodicy
    • Weaknesses
      • The fall (Moral and Scientific). Single couple =entire race evil.
      • Predestination (Moral) God knows our future so knows if we will go to hell. Not all loving.
      • Self-contradictory (Logical) God gave us free will. Could never go wrong unless already possessed flaw. Evil creates itself from nothing?
      • Free will (logical) Not responsible of moral evil as our deicions are conditioned by factors genetic environmental
      • Value of free will (Moral) Is free will worth the price of suffering (CS LEWIS)
    • Strengths
      • Evil arises result of free will fits in with what we see
      • Supports God's attributes
      • Agrees with Aquinas- Evil privation of good (X) substance.
      • Agrees Aquinas Evil= not fault of God but free will


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