Health and Social Care Unit 7: Exam Question

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  • Evaluate the importance of assessing the needs of carers when designing a care plan
    • The carer will feel valued, as their rights and needs are being accounted for.
      • Carers still have rights, if they are valued they are more likely to provide better care and this will avoid incidences of abuse.
      • By highlighting the needs of a carer their capability can be assessed, in order to show what they can cope with and if they're not coping things can be changed
    • Carer will be able to provide information about relevant services and assist with assessing the individuals needs
      • By developing a good relationship with the carer and showing them how their in-put matters they will co-operate.
      • Because this person is caring for the individual they will be aware of their needs, helping the assessor put together their plan
    • Carer will feel supported
      • Caring for a loved one can bring about stress, anxiety and pressure, by having others supporting you it makes it much easier and it helps meet the carers needs too.
      • Caring for someone alone can make the carer feel very isolated, by having health care professionals on hand they will not feel alone
      • They still have a role as a carer and therefore feel appreciated as their needs are taken into account.
    • Problems can be identified and resolved
      • Being a carer is stressful, if it is too much for them provisions can be put into place. Respite can be provided, giving the carer time off, support groups are also an option.
      • By assessing the carers needs it can avoid abuse of the service users and the deterioration of the carer. Resulting in better care being provided for the service user and a plan that also benefits the carer.
    • Holistically benefits the carer and service user
      • By having both of their needs addressed they'll feel valued, listened too and have an improved self-concept and esteem.
      • If the carer is also being looked after the service user won't feel like a burden.
      • One of the most important things is that both parties have a say in the care they are receiving and providing. This promotes empowerment and maintains both of their rights.


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