Eva Smith Character profile

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  • Eva Smith
    • Working class
      • Poor
        • Desperate
          • Applied to Mrs B's charity for help
            • Got denied
      • Fired multiple times
        • Turns to 'something' else
          • Key term: Euphemism
            • 'Women of the town'
        • Lead a strike in Mr Birling's factory
          • She accidentally, inadvertently  embarrassed Sheila in Milwards
    • Represents the common people
      • Eva: a common girls name
      • Smith: a common last name
      • Had a lot of struggles
      • Could have been helped
        • People needed to be socially responsible
          • Priestly was a socialist
    • Not actually dead when the inspector calls
      • Inspector's name is Goole suggesting some sort of ghostly insight
      • Dies from drinking bleach
    • Born in the country
      • More naive then city people
      • More capable of doing well for herself
    • Doesn't actually appear in the play
      • Makes people wonder if it was the same girl
    • aka Daisy Renton
      • Who Gerald knew
        • Had an affair
      • Wanted a fresh start
    • Was pregnant
      • Was ***** by Eric
        • Wrote in diary that Eric was 'quite sweet actually'


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