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  • Eva Smith
    • All the characters apart from the Inspector were responsible for her death
      • She is a victim: an ordinary working class girl
        • Every character used their power and status over her - the only option she had was suicide
    • Very attractive
      • 'young and fresh and charming'
      • 'a pretty, lively sort of girl who never did anybody any harm'
    • Strong morals
      • Refused to accept stolen money from Eric and she refused to marry him
      • Used to represent any person we meet in our lives
        • The focus of the play is the way each character behaves towards others
    • Stood up to Mr Birling for higher wages but she had no hope against his status
      • She was willling to be the voice of the working class
    • Different names
      • It does not matter if it was two people or one: the important thing is what they all did
    • Relationships
      • Mr Birling
        • Sacked her because he felt threatened by someone standing up to him
          • She was just a worker/'cheap labour'
      • Mrs Birling
        • Found her attiitude 'impertinent' and used her power to have her request for help refused
      • Sheila
        • Was jealous of Eva and used her power as a valued customer at Milwards to have her fired
      • Eric
        • Took advantage of her and got her pregnant
        • She didn't want to marry him as he didn't love her
      • Gerald
        • She cared for him deeply and was distraught when he ended their relationship
        • He rescued her from prostitution
    • Significance
      • Represents the lower/working class
      • Priestley uses her tragedy to jolt us into thinking about our responsibility towards others
      • Helps characters/ audience realise the dangers of living selfishly


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