Eva Smith

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  • Eva Smith
    • Never seen, only have the evidence that the Inspector and the Birling's give us
    • "Very pretty - soft brown hair and big dark eyes"
      • Not a detailed description
      • Implies that she represents everyone
      • The perfect woman - fairy-tale like / imaginary
      • Looks contrast the way she was treated
        • Pretty women are always put on "peddle stools", she wasn't as she was poor
    • Her parents are dead
      • Evokes sympathy for her
        • Nobody will miss her
      • Eva only has the Birling's as a link to the living
        • Again gives the idea she isn't just one person but many
    • "We've no proof it was the same photograph and therefore no proof it was the same girl"
      • Birling's are trying to look for a way out of being blamed for their own sake
        • Don't care that a girl has died because of what they did
    • "Millions of Eva and John Smiths"
      • Eva was a vehicle to represent the whole of the working class
      • Represents a woman as they had less rights during the 1900's so they were more vulnerable
    • The fact that nobody ever sees her emphasises the theme of social class
      • Just because Eva may not be real they still impacted a lot of peoples lives in negative ways
        • People need to be more socially aware of how they treat people


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