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  • Euthanasia
    • Types of euthanasia
      • Voluntary
        • Helping someone to die when the person has asked to end their life. this may be to aviod further pain.
      • Involuntary Euthanasia
        • This is the ending of a person's life who is not able to give theirs consent. it is believed to be carried out in the best wishes of the patient
      • non-voluntary euthanasia
        • When someone else makesthe decision to end someone's life. this could be a doctor ro the state. this is done aginst the person's wishes
      • passive euthanasia
        • This is taking away or withholding of treatments with the intention of ending life
        • In some case patients are given high doses of pain relieving drugs to help them die quickly
      • active euthanasia
        • This is when a doctor deliberately intervenes to end a patients life.
      • Sucide
        • The act of deliberately kiling oneself
    • Christian Ideas on euthanasia
      • For
        • An act of charity
        • if the perosn has a poor quality of life
        • the greater love has no man then this; that a men lay down his life for his friends
        • lover your neighbours as you love yourself
        • love for one's fellow men
      • Against
        • Human made god in his image
        • if anyone destory God's temple; then God will destory them
        • Only God can take someone life
        • Thous shall not murder
    • Buddhist ideas on Euthanasia
      • For
        • Metta loving kindness
        • Right intention
      • Against
        • The story of the blind turtle
        • Dukkha is a part of life need to reach enlightenment
        • The first precept- do not harm any sentient being
        • the whole eightfold path


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