RE MOLAD Euthanasia Mindmap

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  • Euthanasia
    • What is it?
      • Voluntary
        • Carried out at the request, with the full knowledge and consent of the person dying.
      • Non-voluntary
        • Ending the life of a person for their best interests, if they are incapable of giving permission themselves
      • Assisted suicide
        • Providing a seriously ill person the means to commit suicide
      • Active euthanasia
        • A direct act of a doctor or another person to end someone's life. Eg. an overdose of painkillers such as morphine
      • Passive euthansia
        • Treatment which would have prolonged life is stopped. Eg. not using life support.
    • Arguments for
      • Helping a person to end their suffering may be the most loving thing to do.
        • Jesus taught us to do the most loving thing
      • God has given us the ability to think and make choices; therefore we should be able to choose.
      • People should be allowed to die with dignity
      • Keeping someone alive artificially with machines and medicines may go against God's wishes for their death.
    • Arguments against
      • Life comes from God and therefore he only has the right to give and take it.
      • Suffering sometimes allows people to come closer to God and understand what Christ went through
      • The cure for a person's painful disease may be discovered soon after them being euthanised.
      • Euthanasia may be misused - murder could be disguised as euthanasia.
      • Hospices are a good alternative - ill patients can be surrounded by family and friends, and enjoy their life up to their death, with pain relief.


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