European Court of Human Rights

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  • European Court of Human Rights
    • It aims to apply and to protect the civil and political rights of the continent's citizens.
    • The court was established and is overseen by the Council of Europe, a pan-European human right's body.
    • Most of the nations which have signed the human rights convention, including the UK, have incorporated its principles into their own laws. Individuals cannot approach the ECoHR directly
    • The court will only hear a case when all domestic legal avenues have been exhausted
    • Claimants must show that they have been a direct victim of an alleged violation and they cannot bring cases against individuals or private bodies
    • The court considers cases brought by individuals, organisations and states against the countries which are bound by the convention; namely, all European nations except Belarus
    • The council is a distinct entity and is not a branch of the EU. The EHMC is its landmark treaty
    • The ECoHR should not be confused with the European Court of Justice, the EU's highest court.


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