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  • Euphony
    • Elisions
      • An elisions is the removal of a vowel sound in order to prevent consecutive vowel sounds
      • Le and la become l' if they're followed by a vowel sound
      • Other one-syllable words like je, me, te, de, ce, and que can be elided
      • Tu can be elided in casual speech
    • Contractions
      • The combination of two words to form one shortened word
      • The partitive article du is a contraction of the preposition de with le
        • Du needs to take the elided form de l' in front of a vowel sound
    • Words Beginning with H
      • When H starts a word, it can act as a consonant (aspirate) or vowel (non-aspirate)
      • For example, the H in homme acts as a vowel, which means it must be written as "l'homme"
      • An aspirate H doesn't participate in elisions or liaisons
    • Liaisons
      • Where an otherwise silent ending consonant is pushing to the next word, where it's pronounced as part of the first syllable
      • Help prevent consecutive vowel sounds
      • They're possible whenever a silent ending consonant is followed by a vowel sound
      • Mandatory liaisons:
        • Articles and adjectives with nouns
        • Pronouns and verbs
        • Single-syllable adverbs and prepositions
      • Forbidden liaisosn
        • Before and after et
        • After inversions and singular nouns
        • Before an aspirated H
        • After a nasal sound, excpet un, on, and en
    • Enchaînement
      • Ending consonant sounds are pushed onto the next word if it begins with a vowel
      • This is like a liaison, except that the consonant sound wasn't silent beforehand


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