eukaryotic cells

 includes functions of the organelles in eukaryotic cells 

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  • eukaryotic cell
    • mitochondria - is the site of respiration
    • ribosomes - the site of protein synthesis
    • golgi apparatus - modifies protiens and packages them into vesicles
    • centrioles - involved in the formation of spindle during nuclear division
    • lysosomes - contains digestive enzymes and breaks down unwanted structures of the cell
    • smooth endoplasmic reticulum - makes lipids and steroids
    • rough endoplasmic reticulum - has ribosomes on the outer surface where proteins are made, and then transported into the ER
    • nucleus - has chromosomes and nucleolus
    • nucleolus - a dense body where ribosomes are made
    • cell surface membrane - phospholipid bilayer with proteins forming a partially permeable barrier


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