Role of the Golgi apparatus and rER in the formation of extracellular enzymes

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  • Role of the Golgi Apparatus
    • Step 1
      • Transcription of DNA to mRNA
    • Step 2
      • mRNA leaves nucleus
    • Step 3
      • Protein made on ribosomes enter ER
    • Step 4
      • Protein moves through the ER assuming three-dimensional shape en route
    • Step 5
      • Vesicles pinched off the rER contain the protein
    • Step 6
      • Vesicles from the rER fuse to form the flattened sacs of the Golgi apparatus
    • Step 7
      • Proteins are modified within the Golgi apparatus
    • Step 8
      • Vesicles pinched off the Golgi apparatus contain the modified protein
    • Step 9
      • Vesicle fuses with cell surface membrane releasing protein, such as extracellular enzymes


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