EU Law - The General Court

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  • The General Court
    • Origin
      • Set up to meet massive and increasing work of ECJ
      • Created by Single European Act 1986
      • Originally, Court of First Instance (CFI), now the General Court
    • Composition
      • Judges from each Member State
    • Responsibility
      • Deals with cases brought under Article 263 TFEU by individuals.
    • Competition Law
      • Great many Competition Law cases where Commission has fined a business for breaching EU Competition Law.
        • Business is able challenge Commission's decision under Article 263
    • The Treaty of Nice 2000
      • Provided General Court would in due course take over simpler Article 267 TFEU cases.
        • Not yet occurred
    • New 'judicial panels'
      • Underneath General Court
      • Would take over some of General Court's own work
    • European Civil Service Tribunal
      • In 2005
      • Set up to take over 'staff cases' from General Court
        • Complaints bought against Union institutions by those who work for them.
      • Now has been merged with General Court
    • Possible to appeal to ECJ against judgement of General Court
      • But only on point of law


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