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  • Will departure from the European Union restore British sovereignty?
    • NO
      • Globalisation means that no state can act independently on issues such as the environment, migration and economic policy.
      • By pooling sovereignty in the EU, the UK was able to achieve policy objectives that it might not be able to achieve outside the Union. It also gave the UK greater influence in European and world affairs.
      • A post-Brexit deal with the EU might still entail some loss of sovereignty if the UK-EU relationship is similar to those between the EU and Norway or Switzerland.
    • YES
      • Parliamentary sovereignty will be restored. Parliament will have supreme authority and the UK will no longer be subject to EU law.
      • Policy competenceswill be returned to the UK government and parliament. Only they will make law in these areas, not the EU.
      • Voters will have greater opportunity to hold the government to account for policy decisions in areas where the EU had competence.


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