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  • Did the European Union achieve its aims?
    • NO
      • The single market is incomplete and over-regulated.
      • Economic growth in the EU is weak and socioeconomic inequality is growing (Germany = rich, Greece = poor).
      • Economic and monetary union has experienced significant difficulties, with less prosperous states running up significant debts and then being required to introduce austerity measures.
      • It has not been able to resolve major challenges such as the migration crisis.
      • There is significant popular opposition to increasing political union and the democratic deficit, as seen in the rise of populist parties and Brexit.
    • YES
      • The single market of 500 million consumers is the largest in the world and has promoted trade, investment and prosperity.
      • It has protected and extended the rights of workers, and promoted the economic development of its poorer regions.
      • It has extended citizens' rights through the right to live and work in another EU state.
      • Increasing political union has delivered coordinated action on cross-border issues such as criminal justice and immigration.
      • It has cemented democracy and the rule of law in European states that had previously been under authoritarian rule.


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