Mnagement of Food Production in the EU

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  • EU
    • Set-asides
      • Taking Land out of production
      • Decreases Surplus
      • Decreases the lands productivity and farmers income
      • Very effective as it allows land to rejuvenated between uses and decrease surpluses
    • Intervention pricing
      • If global market prices fall below guaranteed price, the EU would buy up surplus to protect income
      • Lower than the market prices
      • Payed at Tax payer s expense
      • Protects farmers income
      • Not very effective as large fluctuations in the market occur reguarly
    • Tariffs
      • Put barriers to the import and export of crops by adding tax
      • Corrects trade imbalance
      • Creates 'tariff wars' between businesses
      • Non-effective as it limits business and trade relations with countries outside the EU
    • Subsidies
      • Environmental subsidy to help farmers manage the supply of agricultural comodities, cost and supply
      • Low Prices
      • Mass production
      • Increases Government spending
      • Creates 'food mountains' which go to waste
      • Not Very effective due to the waste and the inefficiency
    • Quotas
      • setting limits fo the amount of non-EU food that can be imported
      • Protects farmers from cheap foreign competition
      • Slows the rate of development in LEDC's
      • Very effective in the EU but can cause problems in other parts of the world
    • Non-market policies
      • decrases stock piles of food
      • Reduces strain on tax payer by increasing prices on certain food to make up the losses on other crop production
      • Consumers often pay more for everyday items
      • Very effective as it means the EU can decrease strain on the tax payer without too much damage to the economy
    • Environmental Stewardship
      • Protection of the natural environment
      • Promotes sustainable Development
      • Can decrease yeild
      • Preserves biodiversity and wildlife
      • Very Effective because it is widely promoted


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