Crime and Deviance: Topic 6: Ethnicity, crime and justice

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  • Ethnicity, crime and justice
    • Ethnicity and criminalisation
      • Ministry of Justice - black people are 7 times more likely to be stopped and searched than white men
      • Alternative sources of statistics - victim surveys, self report studies
      • Policing - Stephen Lawrence - Phillips and Bowling
      • Stop and Search facts
      • Mc Phearson reports - institutionally racist police
      • Ethnic differences in offending: low discretion - looking for someone and high discretion - act without certain intelligence
      • Demographic factors - ethnic minorities are over represented
      • Arrests and cautions - blacks are more likely to be arrested than cautioned
      • Prosecution - CPS are likely to drop against  an ethnic minority case as evidence by police is weak, based on stereotyping
      • Trial - ethnic minoroties elect for jury beofre trial
      • Convictions - Black and Asian people are less liely to be found guilty - suggests discrimination
      • Sentencing - custodial sentences are given to blacks more than any other race
        • Whites and Asians were given community sentences
      • Pre-sentence reports - Asian offenders were less remorseful than whites - demonising Muslims
      • Prison - over a quater of males were from ethnic minority groups - blacks were 5 times more likely to be in prison, same with the length of thee sentence
        • Link to the judiciary system
    • Explaining the differences in offending
      • Migration
      • Left realism and right
      • Neo Marxist- statistics are based on lablling
      • Left realism
        • Lea and Youg - statistics show the real truth on ethnicity crimes
        • Blacks commit more utlitarian crimes - but this may not be correct - one cannot talk statistics at face-value.
        • L&Y noticed that police act in aa racist way - 90% of crimes are reported to police by individuals
        • Marginalised groups feel vulnerable to police and are attacked by them
      • Neo-Marxism
        • Gilroy - statistics do not immitate reality
        • Gilory: the myth of black criminaality
          • It is created by racist people
          • Ethnic people are minoritiess thats why!
          • Link to british colonies - 50's
          • Untitled
          • Hall et al: policing the crisis
            • 70's moral panic over muggers
            • Ruling class ideology vs working class phenomenon
            • Dawwnes and Rock argue that Hall et al are inconsistent in claiming that black crime is rising
    • Ethnicity and victimisation
      • Mc Phearson reports
      • BCS - racist/religious incidents
      • Extent and rish of victimation e.g. 61,000 racist incidents
      • Responses to victimisation - Lack of protection from police


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