Ethnicity and Religiosity

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  • Ethnicity and Religiosity
    • MODOOD (1994) -
      • Found although many minority groups have higher participation rates there is some decline in the importance of religion for all ethnic groups, especially in the second generation
    • Reasons for Ethnic differences
      • Most ethnic minorities originate from poorer countries with traditional cultures, both of which produce higher levels of belief, On arrival to the UK, they maintain that belief brought with them. However, this disregards the impact of their experiences as immigrants in a new society
      • Cultural Defence
        • BIRD (1999)
          • Notes religion among minorities can be a basis for community solidarity, a means of preserving one's culture and language, a way of coping with oppression in a racist society.
            • Black African Caribbean Christians found that white churches did not actively welcome them ans some turned to founding black - lead churches
      • Cultural Transition
        • WILL AND HERBERG (1955)
          • Religion can be a means of easing the transition into a new culture by providing support and a sense of community for minority groups. This explains the high levels of religious participation among first generation immigrants in the USA
        • BRUCE
          • Saw a similar pattern in the Uk, where religion has provided a focal point for the Irish. However, once a group has made the transition into wider society, religion may lose its role.


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