Ethnicity and Differential Achievement in Education

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  • Ethnicity and Differential Achievement in Education
    • Modood et al
      • Higher levels of achievement
        • -Chinese, African Asians and Indian groups were more qualified that whites
        • -Afro-Caribbean women were more likely to have A levels than white women
        • Ethnic minorities were more likely than white pupils to continue into further education
        • People from ethnic minorities who were born in the UK had much higher qualifications than people who moved to the UK from abroad
      • Lower levels of achievement
        • Bangladeshi and Pakistani women were least well qualified
        • Afro-Caribbean, Pakistani and Bangladeshi men were least qualified
        • Pakistani and Afro- Caribbean groups were less likely to get onto university courses
        • Afro-Caribbean boys are more likely to be excluded from school, more likely to be put into lower sets and do vocational courses
    • Labelling Theory
      • teachers have different expectations of different ethnic  minority groups
    • Ethnocentric school curriculum
      • It is argued that the school curriculum fits the mainstream better than other ethnicities
    • British education is "institutionally racist"
      • Policies and attitudes unintentionally discriminate against ethnic minority groups
    • Self Esteem
      • Mirza - black girls had positive self esteem and high aspirations. They experienced discrimination but had strategies to minimise effects
      • Fuller - Afro-Caribbean girls in London resisted negative labelling and worked hard to gain success
      • Anti-school subculture V pro-school subculture


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