Sociology Ethnicity

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  • Ethnicity
    • In school  factors
      • ethnocentric curriculum
      • labelling- SFP; low self esteem
      • racist sterotyping- expect bad behaviour from AC
      • few role models- most teachers= white
      • Sewell: myth of the black challenge
      • Gilborn: AC receive more criticism in classroom from teacher (observations)
    • Out of School factors
      • racism in society leads to low self esteem and development of culture of resistancve
      • social class and material factors- more likely be w/c
      • Similar problems as white w/c students- cultural capital; material resources; poverty
      • Ball: problems getting kids into  better schools (if interview more likely to get in)
    • Ethnic Groups
      • family life- lone parents families and lack of male role models for AC boys
      • Indian more likely come from middle class
      • peer group pressure- anti school culture- esp AC boys


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