AQA Sociology - Ethnicity (Education)

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  • Ethnicity
    • African-Caribbean female
      • (Mac an Ghaill, 1988, 1992; Gillborn, 1990; Mirza, 1992
        • Generally pro-education
        • Ambitious
        • Determined to succeed
        • Aiming for high status, well paid jobs
        • Tend not to identify with teachers and school
    • White, working-class male
      • Paul Willis
        • Formed anti-school subcultures
        • They despised those who conformed
        • Studied 12, working-class pupils
        • They didn't need academic qualifications- male manual labour
      • Mac an Ghaill
        • Subcultures shaped by:
          • The way they're organised into sets
          • Teacher-student relationship
          • The type of curriculum
    • African-Caribbean male
      • Gaine & George (1999)
        • Teachers tend to see them as aggressive, challenging and disruptive
          • This is often a misreading
        • They tend to be singled out for punishment when white and Asian pupils were just as guilty
          • Leads to pupils suspecting teachers of racism
          • Leads to anti-school subcultures
      • Tony Sewell (1997)
        • Conformists
        • Rebels
        • Innovators
        • Retrealists
    • White, middle class male
      • Colin Lacey (1970)
        • Conducted a study on middle-class pupils - most were high achievers at Primary School
        • In the first year they all showed high levels of commitment to the school
        • Six months into the second year they were seen as difficult to teach


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