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  • Ethnicity
    • Legal system is biased
      • Hall and Gilroy
        • Argued that young black men were no more criminal than whites and the legal system was biased.
      • Phillips and Bowling
        • Argue that the UK criminal justice system is biased
          • Higher number of arrests, overpolicing in inner-city areas, use of racially abusive language and the higher imprisonment rate for black men arrested compared to whites.
          • Higher number of stop and searches of black men (5-8 times higher),
    • Stop and search and ethnicity
      • Waddington
        • Agree that a higher number of minority ethnics are stopped and searched however do not agree that it is due to racism.
          • Argue there are just more ethnic minority men out at night in city centres.
    • Reasons for High criminality of ethnic minorities
      • Lack of educational success
      • Family Structure
      • Influence of the mass media


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