Ethnicity and Crime

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  • Ethnicity & Crime
    • New Left realists
      • Lea & Young: High levels of crime do exist in areas where there is a high level of ethnic minorities.
    • Police Racism and Discrimination
      • Bowling & Phillips: Higher levels of robbery among black people could be a product of labeling through stop and search.
      • Reiner: canteen culture amongst police including suspicion which encourages racist stereotypes.
      • MacPherson Report: Stephen Lawrence case - institutional racism.
    • Policing the Crisis
      • Hall et al: examined moral panics in the 70's. Presented young black men as muggers and given the role of folk devils.
    • Political Nature of black crime
      • Gilroy: Young blacks are targeted by the media but for a political objective in a response to inequality.
    • Evaluation: argued that black crime is no different than the majority. High rates of crime are to be expected in order to survive.


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