Ethnicity and Crime

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  • Ethnicity and Crime
    • Offending Sentencing and Punishment
      • Offending
        • Official Statistics
          • People from some minority ethnic groups are more likely to be arrested for and convicted of crime than the White ethnic majority
            • Black population is 3.1% but they make up a much higher proportion of those stopped and searched (14.2%), arrested (8.3%), convicted (7.5%) or sent to prison (8.9%).
        • Self-report studies
          • The highest offending rate was found to be the 'White' population with a rate of 42% admitting to an offence
    • Ethnicity and Victimisation
      • Victimisation studies
        • Philips and Bowling
          • The higher risk of victimisation is the result of the relatively high proportion of minority ethnic groups living in cities, where rates of victimisation are particularly high
    • Criminal Justice, Ethnicity, and Racism
      • Policing
        • Tim Newburn
          • There has been a great deal of controversy over relationships between police and minority ethnic groups over recent decades
      • Stop and Search
        • Black people are 5 times more likely to be stopped and searched than white peope
      • Arrests
        • Black people make up a higher proportion of arrests than of the population as a whole ( 8.9% > 3.3%)
      • Sentencing and Imprisonment
        • Whites are slightly more likely to get convicted of indictable offences once they been sent to trial
          • Black and Asian people are more likely to be sent immediately to prison
    • Theorising race and community
      • Lea and Young: the left realist approach
        • There are racist practices amongst the police
          • Despite this, there is still statistically more street crime being committed by black youth
      • Paul Gilroy; an anti-racist perspective
        • Evaluation
          • Lea and Young
            • The majority of crime committed by black people is intraracial
        • Left Realists are wrong to argue that crime rates are higher for  minority ethnic groups
        • Crime is part of a legacy of the struggle against white dominance in former colonies
      • Neo-Marxism - capitalism in crisis
        • Evaluation
          • Not making any attempt to  research the motivations and thinking of young African Caribbean males.
        • Stuart Hall
          • The focus on a group already marginalised during the 'mugging' crisis was an attempt to draw attention away from the problem and blame a scapegoat


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