Ethnicity and crime

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  • Ethnicity & Crime
    • EMs commit more crimes
      • MORRIS  Demographic    factors -   EMs have a higher proportion of young people and young people commit more crimes
      • MERTON Strain theory - EMs lack access to legitimate means due to deprivation so they turn to illegitimate means
      • COHEN Status deprivation - AC lack official status and join gangs to gain status
      • GILROY Cultures of resistance - EMs form of collective and active resistance against racism and exploitation
      • SEWELL Triple Quandary - ACs are more likely to experience racism, conspicious consumption and absent fathers
    • EMs don't commit more crimes
      • PHILIPS AND BOWLING Racist Policing - ACs are 6 times more likely to be stopped and searched as they are stereotyped
      • GILBOURN The Myth of the Black Challenge - The white dominated police are unfamiliar with black culture so ACs are wrongly interpreted as a threat to authority
      • HALL  Policing the Crisis - A moral panic about black muggers where they were scapegoated as the problem - away from the real cause which was unemployment


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