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  • Ethnicity
    • Mark Sebba
      • 'Black British English' consisted of the local British vernacular as well as Jamaican creole.
      • Sometimes called Jafaican in the media.
      • Authenticity achieved through practices rather than ethnicity.
    • Roger Hewitt
      • Close friendships permit sociolinguistic violation of norms
      • Strong link between language use and ethnic identity for 2nd born generation of Caribbean descendants
      • Studied the relations between 70 black and white Afro-Caribbean adolescents in South London
    • Ben Rampton
      • South Asian 2nd and 3rd generation South Midlands adolescents
      • They used Punjabi and South Asian English to challenge white dominated social hierarchies
    • ** Windrush
      • 1948 One of the first waves of immigration
      • Brought 500 Jamaicans
      • Creoles began to emerge and London Jamaican became a dialect
    • John Pitts
      • Established that a resistance identity was created by young people who wanted to go against the mainstream identity
      • Sounded like Bob Marley
    • Kerswill
      • Investigated 98 adolescents from inner and outer London and compared language with 16 elderly Londoners
      • New quotative 'this is them' used
      • Findings Pronoun   'youse'     Plural 'dem'
    • David Starkey
      • Made an explicit link between Multicultural London English and violence and black culture
    • Sue Fox
      • Emergence of commonly spoken variety- Multi Ethnic Youth Dialect which is a combination of English, West Indian, West African and Bangladeshi
      • Spoken by white, black and Asian communities who share a similar socio-economic background


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