Ethnic Minorities and Women's Rights Campaigns

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  • Ethnic Minorities and Women's Rights Campaigns
    • 1944 - NCAI formed
      • Followed the NAACP's tactic of challenging discrimination in the courts
    • 1946 - Indian Claims Commission set up
      • Provided Native Americans with some compensation for the lands they'd lost to the government
    • 1961 - NIYC formed
      • Decided that direct action was more likely to be successful than the NCAI's legal tactics
    • 1961 - Commission on the Status of Women set up
      • The Commission reported that there was widespread discrimination against women
    • 1962 - The NFWA, which later became the UFW, was formed
      • Used non-violent direct action, such as boycotts and peaceful protests to campaign for improved rights for farm workers
    • 1963 - Equal Pay Act passed
      • Guaranteed equal pay for men and women who performed the same duties
    • 1965 - President Johnson escalated US involvement in Vietnam
      • Johnson sent thousands of young American men to fight the communists
    • 1966 - NOW formed
      • Termed "an NAACP for women". Used techniques such as lawsuits and boycotts
    • 1968 - AIM formed
      • Adopted the same aggressive approach used by the Black Panthers


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