ethnic minorites

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  • ethnic minorities
    • native americans
      • lacked job skills, discrimiated against, high poverty, unemployment, low life expectancy
      • NCIA (national congress for america Indians, established 1944, inspired by NAACP,
      • 'Red Power', inspired by 'Black Power', became increasingly militant
      • from 1960's on-wards, culture was embraced.
      • Federal aid; around $400 million was given as compensation, johnson made Indians included in the civil rights bill
    • Hispanic Americans
      • had little to do with government as illegals feared deportation
      • 'Brown power' followed militancy of 'black power'
      • cesar chavez founded agriculture workers labour union
      • worked hard long and tiring hours for minimum wage or less, no protection or no vote
      • federal aid; tried to remove discrimination using federal aid ect, part of Johnsons executive bill


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