Ethnic differences in achievement: education

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  • Ethnic differences in achievement
    • Material deprivation
      • 15% of ethnic minority households live in overcrowded conditions
      • Only 2% of white households live in overcrowded conditions
    • Cultural deprivation
      • Attitudes + Values
        • Some argue black children are fatalistic
      • Intellectual + language skills
        • Bereiter + Engelmann
          • Consider low income American black families language as inadequate for educational success
        • Gillborn + Safia Mirza note Indian pupils do well despite english not being 1st language.
      • Family structure + parental support
        • Dysfunctional family structure leads to educational failure
        • Moynihan argues that black children  don't have enough support as led by lone mother who struggles financially
    • Racism in wider society
      • Poverty is itself another factor of racism
      • Gillborn + Yodel found African Caribeean children highest achievers at primary school
        • When  it came to GCSEs they had the worst results
    • Labelling/ teacher racism
      • Studies show that teachers don't see black/asian pupils as ideal
      • Gillborn + Youdell found teachers had Racialised expectations
      • Black pupils are often placed in lower sets/streams
    • Pupils responses and subcultures
      • Conformists: Keen to succeed
      • Rebels: rejected school and conformed to stereotype
      • Retreatists: disconnected from school/black subcultures outside it
      • Innovators: pro education but anti school
      • Sewell found a range of black pupils responses
    • Institutional racism
      • Ethnocentric curriculum
        • Troyna + Williams note that it gives priority to white culture and the English language
      • Selection + segregation
        • Marketisation
          • Gillbron argues this means negative stereotypes have influenced decision making


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