Ethnic Differences in Achievement (IN)

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  • Ethnic Differences in Achievement (IN)
    • Labelling and Teacher Racism
      • Teachers see Asian students as passive and Black students as disruptive - they are both far from ideal student
      • Only small number of teachers are consciously racist however some unconsciously give more time to whit students.
        • Self fulfilling prophecy
    • Pupils Identities
      • Archer (2009) believes teachers construct three identities
        • 1. Ideal Pupil - White, Middle class, normal sexuality
        • 2. Pathologised Pupil - Asian, deserving poor, feminised identity, oppressed sex
        • 3. Demonised Pupil - Black, white working class, hyper sexual
      • Fuller - Black girls try hard for educational success but don't aim to impress teachers
    • Pupils Subcultures
      • 1. The Rebels: small but most visible - self exclude - black macho lad
      • 2. The Conformist: largest group - avoid being stereotyped by teachers and peers
      • 3. The Retreatists: tiny minority - isolated from school and subcultures
      • 4. The Innovator: pro education yet anti school - similar to Fullers girls
    • Racism in Schools
      • Two types of racism
        • Individual Racism: Results of prejudice from teachers and students as individuals
        • Institutional Racism: Discrimination built into institutions e.g the way schools operate
      • Critical Race Theory - 'Less overt, more subtle, less identifiable in terms of specific individuals committing the acts'
    • Ethnocentric Curriculum
      • Coard (2005) states that the curriculum model may produce underachievement
    • Access to Opportunity
      • The Gifted and Talented programme only seemed to benefit hite pupils
      • Black students are more likely to put on foundation exam tiers
    • New IQism
      • The New IQ ism refers to the fale assumption about the nature of pupils abilities or potential
    • Assessments (Gillborn)
      • Assessments are rigged to support dominant ideology
      • If black children succeed 'the rules will be changed to re-engineer failure'
    • Marketisation and Segregation
      • Procedures favour white pupils which leads to an ethically stratified education system


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