Ethics/Ethical Issues/Dealing with Ethics

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  • Ethics
    • ethics are standards of conduct that distinguish between right and wrong, set of moral principles used by psychologists
    • Informed Consent
      • from the researcher's view, it means revealing the true aims of the study or tell them what is going to happen, from the pps view they should be told so they can make an informed decision.
      • Dealing with it-informed consent form, presumptive consent, if pps is a child or has a disability, seek consent from responsible adult
    • Deception
      • from the researcher's view, it is necessary to deceive pps so behaviour is not altered, from pps view, deception is unethical
      • Dealing with it-debriefing, use cost-benefit analysis
    • Protection from physical and psychological harm
      • from the researcher's point studying important questions can cause distress, from pps view, nothing should happen that causes any harm
      • Dealing with it-avoid any risks greater than experienced in everyday life, stopping the study.
    • Right to withdraw
      • from the researcher's view if some pps leave the remaining are not representative, from pps view, they should have the right to withdraw at any time
      • Dealing with it-pps should be told they can withdraw at any given time, pps are able to withhold their data during debrief
    • Confidentiality
      • From researcher's view, it is difficult as they may want to publish the findings, from pps view, the Data Protection Act makes it a legal right
      • Dealing with it-no names should be used, use numbers or pseudonyms.
    • Privacy
      • from the researcher's point, it may be difficult to avoid invasion of privacy, from pps view, people do not expect to be observed in certain situations
      • Dealing with it-do not study without consent unless it is in a public place and public behaviour
    • Dealing with Ethical issues
      • Ethical guidelines-BPS
        • Respect
        • Competence
        • Responsibility
        • Integrity
      • Ethics Committee-use cost benefit analysis


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