Relationships - Key Words

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  • Ethics: Religion and Human Relationships
    • Marriage
      • Where a man and woman are united, legally joined together as man and wife
    • Cohabitation
      • where a couple live together without being married
    • Promiscuity
      • Where a person has a number of sexual partner
    • Polygamy
      • When a man or woman has more than one wife or husband
    • Monogamy
      • Being married and faithful to one person
    • Adultery
      • Having sex with someone other than your marriage partne
    • Abstinence
      • Abstaining from sex
    • Divorce
      • Legal ending of a marriage
    • Annulment
      • A marriage is declared null and void, as if it never happened
    • Sacrament
      • Marriage is  physical with a deeper spiritual meaning, blessed by God




because of the current state of the world marriage can now be between two people of the same gender and an annulment can only happen when one member of the couple were not in a current state of mind (didn't mean their vows) and  have not had sex yet and can only be done by the pope so its quite rare and not easily done

just updating :)

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