Ethics and SSR - Issues and debates

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  • Ethics and social sensitivity
    • Ethical guidelines Established to protect participants
      • Cannot protect from social impact (e.g. media representation, government policies, etc.) Cannot be predicted
        • e.g. Government use; Bowlby's attachment theories shaped policies; women must stay at home and rear child
    • Ethics Potential consequences or implications for participants or class represented by participants
      • People affected in research Participants Family and friends of participants Researcher Sub-cultures Sub-groups
    • Looks at race, culture, gender
    • Socially sensitive research Investigates private, stressful areas of research Psychologists have social responsibility to publish
      • Risks of SSR Loss of confidentiality Social harm Triggering emotional reactions
      • Minimise risks Informed consent Confidential Debriefing
    • SSR strengths Better understanding can help remove prejudice;  Help to address other cultures
    • SSR limitations Research can aid discrimination and racism Research can put certain groups at a disadvantage


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