Ethical Issues -Research methods

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  • Ethical issues
    • Deception
      • Participants have the right to know the true aims of the study
        • Students may alter their behaviour if they discover the true aims of the study
        • students should be offered a debrief at the end of the experiment
          • a debrief is when the researcher tells participants the true aims of the study and allows them to talk and ask necessary questions as well as offer the rigt to withdraw their data.
    • Informed consent
      • Participants should be able to agree or refuse to participate in the light of comprehensive nature and purose of research
    • Protection from physical and mental harm
      • no participant should leave an experiment in  a differnt state to what they entered
    • Right to withdraw
      • participants should have the right to withdraw from a study at anytime
    • Confidentility
      • participanys should remain unknown - numbers and false names should be used
    • Privacy
      • Right to control the flow of personal information- Zone of accessability


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