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  • Ethical Fabric Production
    • Organic Cotton
      • Cotton Producers often use synthetic chemical fertilisers to boost crop production, pesticides kill insects but will damage cotton crops. Herbicides prevent other plants competing with the main crop.
      • These chemicals can increase productivity but can cause ill health and injury to cotton workers. Traces of chemicals can be found in product.
      • Organic cotton is grown without the use of these chemicals. Many consumers prefer using this cotton so they're not contributing to the farmer's ill-health. Demand has increased over years, mostly for baby clothes and accessories.
    • Tencel
      • Designers may choose this fibre because it has a lesser impact on the environment.
      • It is a regenerated fibremade of cellulose found in wood pulp (sustainably grown and harvested trees). Solvents and water used continually recycled. Its a biofibre.
      • It is biodegradable, strong, soft , lightweight, drapes well and breathable.
      • However, tencel requires harsh chemicals to fix the dyes to the fabric so fabric with natural colouring may be preferred.


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