Ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology

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  • Ethical, legal and environmental impacts of digital technology
    • Ethics (Handling private and personal data issues)
      • Deciding the scope of personal and private information they can gather.
      • The confidential treatment of such information.
      • The accuracy of information – who checks that the information is correct.
      • The purposes for which various categories of information may be used.
      • The rights of a person - question of consent?
    • The digital divide
      • Drones
      • Self driving cars
      • Artificial Intelligence
    • Issues of privacy and cybersecurity
      • Causes of loss of privacy
        • The monitoring of online activity, including browsing histories and use of social media.
        • The interception and reading of email messages.
        • Distribution of databases storing personal information.
        • Theft of private information by hackers.
    • Codes of conduct
      • Informal codes
      • Formal codes
      • Personal codes
    • Legislation
      • DPA 1998
      • Computer Misuse 1990
    • Environmental Impacts
      • Carbon emissions
      • Landfill
      • Increased populations
      • Repair or recycling
      • Paper and packaging waste
      • Positive impacts
        • In the development of new materials and processes that are sustainable and do not harm the environment.
        • Enabling the study of our environment to better understand how it works and the impact of our actions on it
        • Smarter technologies that respond to how we use them and adjust themselves to reduce their environmental impact
        • Helping experts from all fields share their research, experience and ideas to come up with better solutions.
        • Communications that reduce the environmental impact people would normally cause from traveling
        • Improved education, including distance learning and visual learning using integrated technologies.


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