Ethical issues

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  • Ethical Issues
    • Informed Consent
      • Making participants aware of aims of the research, the procedures, their rights and what their data will be used for
      • Participants make an informed judgement on whether to partake without feeling obliged
      • IC makes study meaningless for some researchers as participants now know aim of study
    • Deception
      • Deliberately misleading/ withholding information from participants at any stage of study
      • Justified if participant is free from distress/discomfort/ embarrassment
    • Protection from harm
      • Participants should not be placed at more risk that they are subject to in daily life
      • Should not be uncomfortable, embarrassed, stressed or put under pressure
      • Participants reminded of fact they can withdraw at any time
    • Privacy and confidentiality
      • Participants have right to control information about themselves
      • Extends to area where study took place- institutions/geographical locations not named


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