Ethical Implications of Research & Theory

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  • Ethical Implications of Research & Theory
    • Why do researchers use ethical guidelines?
      • To protect the safety and dignity of their participants
        • However, the ways the results are used is not in their control
    • Why does deciding what to research have ethical implications?
      • As it might affect groups of people
      • Some areas of research might be socially sensitive
        • E.g. race, sexuality, criminality and gender
        • According to Seiber & Stanley (1988), in socially sensitive areas, what should be considered?
          • If the results of their research could give backing to prejudices and discrimination
          • They way the results of their research could be used and if the research is valid and free of bias
    • What happens to findings obtained from the research?
      • Knowledge isn't neutral, it can be used to enhance/worsen
      • Once released in the public domain the use of the research isn't under the control of the researcher
        • This is something that must be considered by researchers
    • Bowlby's Maternal Deprivation Hypthesis
      • It supported that the role of women is to care for children
      • It helped children by improving care received in instituion
      • The formation/maintenance of attachment is important
      • Children are placed w/ carers where 1 to 1 care's likely
    • Operant Conditioning
      • It is used to train dogs for the blind
      • It is used to train dogs for the military to deliver explosive as anti-tanks weapons
    • What has Eyewitness Testimony Research Led To?
      • New interrogation techniques which should decrease the number of wrongful convictions
    • Why should psychology look into socially sensitive research?
      • It could be very beneficial to society and particularly to some disadvantaged groups
    • Before carrying out socially sensitive research a psychologist should be aware of:
      • The implications of investigating certain topics
      • The impossible use that could be made of the findings
      • The influence psychologists have in society and public policy
      • The validity of their findings
    • When reporting findings what should psychologists do?
      • Should be honest about their biases
      • They should make sure to highlight the limiations
      • Their work should be peer reviewed to ensure no fraudulent practice has taken place


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