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  • Esters
    • Formed from alcohol and carboxylic acids
    • Acid catalyst usually used is concentrated sulfuric acid
      • Alcohol + carboxylic acid = ester +water
        • Water formed in a reversible reaction
    • Functional group: COO
    • Names end in oate
    • Smell nice but do not mix with water - sweet, fruity, volatile - ideal for perfumes
    • Flammable dangerous
    • Dont mix well with water - not nearly as soluble as alcohols/carboxylic acids
      • Do not mix well with alchols and other solvents
    • Used in flavourings and perfumes
      • Inhaling fumes from esters irritates mucus membranes of nose and mouth
      • Fumes heavier than air so very flammable
      • Some toxic, health problems with synthetic food additives


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